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Mistaken Marriage Chapter 22 part 2

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Gu Yun ran towards the source of the scream, finding several onlookers already beginning to crowd around an alley while some hawkers whispered amongst themselves,  their faces ashen. Leaning against the stone wall was a young girl who’d been thoroughly scared stiff, stammering with her eyes covered, “D-d….dead! S-someone’s dead!”

Behind her stood another young lady, one hand holding the wall for support, another hand clutching her chest. Although she was not as distraught as the other girl, her face had lost all colour and her hands were trembling; Her ragged breathing and tightly shut eyes clearly displayed her fear. As Gu Yun racked her brains to remember where she’d seen this familiar face, she eventually realised that this was the girl, Yu Han Dan, who’d recommended the jade comb as a present.

As to why she was in this place, judging from her appearance, she must have been the first to discover the body,

Gu Yun cast a glance into the alley; There was no dead end, and it was only about 2 meters wide. A girl lay in the middle of the passageway, by her feet was a lantern that had been knocked askew, and it was from the glow of this lantern that Gu Yun was able to assess the situation in the alley.

The girl on the floor was very young. Her hair was strewn all about her, while her clothes had been ripped to shreds, revealing the pale, beautiful skin beneath, making the bruises on her neck all the more apparent. Rigor Mortis had already begun to set in her hands that were curled defensively in front of her neck. On first glance, it would seem quite apparent that this was a murder performed through strangulation, but Gu Yun noticed the heavy smell of blood, which made her suspicious. As she examined the corpse once more, her eyes glinted as her cold pupils focused on the details before her.

In between the victims thighs was a very obvious wound from which a massive amount of blood had poured forth. (the original text writes that blood is constantly flowing, but that’s not possible because blood doesn’t flow from a corpse)


Gu Yun’s hands balled into fists as she took a deep breath, smothering the rage boiling within her, calmly assessing the crime scene, suddenly noticing a still moving figure huddled in the corner .

“There’s someone still alive here!” Some of the bystanders had noticed this as well, and a few courageous youths had wanted to step in closer to take a look, only to find a slender arm blocking the passageway.

“Nobody is to enter! Someone go and report this incident!” No one present knew the importance of preserving the crime scene, who could tell how badly they might mess up the evidence? In fact, the killer could even still be in their midst at this very moment!

The youths were momentarily stunned by the girl’s clear and steady tone. The way she cooly assessed such a chilling scene showed that she was no ordinary woman. When faced with her domineering attitude, a few people backed away meekly, while one of them rushed off to report the murder.

Gu Yun grabbed a lantern from nearby, and inched carefully towards the crouching figure. Getting a better view as she moved closer, she realised that this skinny, trembling girl was dressed in the attire of a maidservant, her head tucked between her legs not daring to look up.


Gu Yun did not attempt to make her stand, but instead put the lantern next to the girl, allowing the both of them to stand in the light, asking gently, “Miss, are you alright?”

The girl drew herself in tighter, not daring to move, while Gu Yun continued speaking, “I’ll bring you out of this place, alright?”

The girl tensed up for awhile, and after a long pause, eventually raised her head slowly, revealing a young faced smothered in tears. She stared at Gu Yun with terrified eyes, not saying a word.


Having confirmed that the girl was in a better condition, Gu Yun tried to offer the girl an arm to lean on. The girl trembled slightly, but did not push her away. In a single motion, Gu Yun pulled the girl up from her seated position, the force of which scared her some, and made her struggle. Gu Yun, fearing that the crime scene would be destroyed, maintained her grip and pulled the girl out of the alley.

Once out in the open where it was much brighter, the girl didn’t seem as terrified as before, although she continued to struggle in Gu Yun’s grip. Gu Yun didn’t want to make her uncomfortable, and thus let go, upon which the girl immediately knelt on the ground, shaking uncontrollably.

Gu Yun took a half-squat next to her, and asked directly, “What kind of relationship did you have with the victim, and what did you see just now?”

The girl tensed up visibly and immediately grabbed her head with both hands, pulling on her hair as she moaned, “I…I…blood! There was so much blood!”

Gu Yun frowned, and held on to the girls hand, asking again, “It’s already over, there’s nothing to worry about, could you please tell me what happened earlier?”


The girl kept on shaking her head, completely unable to speak. Yu Han Dan eventually walked over, and observing Gu Yun’s relentless questioning, couldn’t help but think in her heart: the poor girl was already scared out of her wits! Why did she still have to forcefully pressure her for an answer? As she patted the huddled up figure, Yu Han Dan said reproachfully, “Can’t you see what a state she’s in, why do you insist on forcing an answer out of her?” Although she was scolding, her upbringing taught her to make her words come out in a manner that didn’t seem confrontational at all.

Gu Yun was lost for words. She had no intention of pressurising anyone, but given the current circumstances, this girl was their only lead in solving this case, there was no way she could not question her. A witness’ first response was a critical piece of information. It was this moment that the first responders from the Public Safety Bureau arrived. Having caught a glimpse of Cheng Hang from  Xing Bu, Gu Yun was just about to walk over to explain the circumstances to him, when the girl by her feet was suddenly overcome with terror, and waved her hands in an agitated manner, shouting in a loud voice, “Don’t kill me, don’t kill me!”

A person who was empowered by fear could display unprecedented levels of strength, and the girl’s vigorous thrashing about caused her to forcefully push Yu Han Dan aside. Yu Han Dan herself let out a low cry in surprise, and would have fallen on the ground had Gu Yun not managed to catch her in time.

Gu Yun faced the girl once more, without even sparing Yu Han Dan a second glance, and calmly looked into the girl’s distressed eyes, speaking steadily, “Don’t be afraid, there is no one who can harm you here. Tell me, who wants to kill you?”

Gu Yun’s collected demeanour, and her firm, soothing voice must have calmed her down somewhat, although her eyes revealed her to be completely in panic. “Silver hair!” she suddenly cried out, as if wailing was the only way to lessen her terror, her wavering voice repeated one sentence over and over, “It was a silver haired man that brought our family’s young miss into the alley!”


Silver hair? Gu Yun felt her heart sink… A silver haired assailant…. a hurried escape… Ao Tian…

No, it couldn’t be him! But how could it be so coincidental…

And as for her, she never believed in coincidences!


Mistaken Marriage chapter 22 part 1

Outside the palace, Zhuo Qing patted Gu Yun’s hand and said to her,

“Just wait for me outside here.”

“Mm.” Gu Yun replied amiably.

As the pair looked at each other, Zhuo Qing suddenly let out a soft chuckle as she said, “Thank you, Yun.”


Gu Yun replied with a smile, “Is there really a need to thank me?”

In reality, she honestly hadn’t done much. Lou Xi Yan’s incarceration was a complete farce to begin with, set up in order to catch a much bigger fish. While Qing’s intention was to get her husband out of jail, Yan Hong Tian’s end game was to weaken the power that the Empress Dowager held within the imperial court. The most that Gu Yun could do was to set the stage to allow them to negotiate.

Zhuo Qing nodded her head slightly and smiled. “Alright alright,” she said, because she knew that there was no amount of thanks in the world that she could give, that could truly express the feelings of gratitude that she held.

“Take care of yourself.”

While Qing entered the palace this time to discuss the case details with Yan Hong Tian, it could as much be seen as a direct confrontation with the Empress Dowager. Even though she had some misgivings about using Bai Yi’s falsified evidence to sabotage Empress Dowager Ci Xi, she knew that the game called politics was a far more complex process than the investigations she was used to.


“Don’t worry, I never fight a battle I can’t win!”


“I know, I know, go on then.”

Qing’s resolute appearance gave her a lovely aura. In order to rescue Lou Xi Yan, she was willing to risk everything.


As Zhuo Qing, Su Ling, and Dan Yu Lan stepped into the residence, Su Ling suddenly turned around and stared deep into Gu Yun’s eyes, an action that she could not fathom his reasons for doing so.


Gu Yun estimated the negotiations would last at least an hour or two. Entering a staring contest with the palace guards did not appeal to her in the least bit, neither did she intend to return to General Manor and wait around aimlessly, thus she headed towards the nearest tavern. Of course, the idea of near was a relative concept; Around the Imperial Palace, the nearest ‘anything at all’ was still quite some distance away. Seeing as how Gu Yun didn’t travel to the palace by horse, she had no choice but to stroll along the streets, taking this opportunity to ponder over Su Ling’s weird behaviour these past few days.


It wasn’t as if he went out of his way to inconvenience her; After being trapped in his embrace that day, Gu Yun learnt from her mistakes, and made sure to be cautious around him, ensuring a safe distance was kept between them at all times. Su Ling didn’t lose his composure anymore, but he would always look at her with an unfathomable gaze and maintain his stony silence. It was really confusing behaviour, to say the least.


The sun had already set and there were few pedestrians to be seen. While the roadside vendors began packing up their stalls, ready to head home, Gu Yun found herself lost in her thoughts as she slowly paced. At this moment, a familiar black shadow suddenly popped out in front of her from the alley. The sky was dark and the moon was covered by clouds, yet no one could possibly miss that eye-catching head of silver hair.


“Ao Tian?”

Gu Yun suddenly remembered the wound on his hand, and worried for him slightly. She increased her speed and called out to his back, “wait a minute, Ao Tian.”

In the distance, Gu Yun saw that person pause for a moment, and rushed over thinking that he must have stopped for her. Who knew that the figure would suddenly accelerate, moving faster than he was before.

“Huh?” Gu Yun frowned. How could this person keep running the more she called out to him? Ao Tian indeed was an introverted character who on more than one occasion confused her with his actions, yet his desperately escaping figure gave rise to some suspicions. Based on her observations, Ao Tian was not this kind of panicky person. Was there some kind of emergency? Her curiosity having been piqued, coupled with her instincts as an investigator made her decide to follow behind to find out exactly what was going on.


Gu Yun diligently gave chase as the shadowy figure nimbly dodged left and right, only to see him disappear the moment he dived into another alley. It was a pitch-black dead end littered with unwanted items, but there was no trace of the stranger to be found.

Did he suddenly vanish? Gu Yun squinted her eyes as she calmly assessed the piles of rubbish that could easily hide a grown man.


He had to be here! Gu Yun could not understand Ao Tian’s motives for hiding from her. After some thought, she gracefully stepped into the alley, while diligently maintaining her vigilance. The further in she walked, the tighter she gripped Bing Lian, which as if sensing the danger ahead, began to vibrate gently.


In the darkest part of the alley, a crossbow dart glistened with a dark glossy glow in the low light. It could only have been coated in the most potent of poisons, a single scratch would mean instant death. The dart slowly positioned itself to aim at the cautiously approaching girl….


Just before the dart was released, a shadowy figure crossed overhead, immediately reappearing in front of Gu Yun, who naturally brandished Bing Lian in shock, from which the resulting roar from being drawn caused the would be marksman to stiffen in shock.


“You were looking for me?”


A low voice without unnecessary inflection, such a frosty aura… Ao Tian!  With his sudden appearance, the impending sense of danger suddenly vanished. As she sheathed her blade, Gu Yun said in an annoyed tone, “What were you running from earlier?”


Try as it might, the poisoned dart simply could not find an opening to target Gu Yun, as Ao Tian’s sizeable frame completely blocked her off. Under such dim lighting conditions, Gu Yun could not make out Ao Tian’s expression, and could only hear the sound of his ragged breathing, which must have been due to his hurriedness earlier.

After a long while, he finally replied in a subdued tone, “I had some… urgent business. It’s too dark in here, let’s speak outside.”


Gu Yun was practically dragged out of the alley. As the pair disappeared from before his eyes, the shadow slowly put down his crossbow. Since when was Ao Tian the kind of person to be worried about others? Would this woman become your weakness? A bloodless pair of lips pursed into a thin line, as and aura of bloodlust filled the air.

Ao Tian’s demeanour returned to normal as they returned to the main road, where it was slightly brighter than the alley they’d left. Gu Yun also didn’t pursue this matter, as she knew that he wouldn’t give her a straight answer anyway.

Not forgetting her reason for chasing him in the first place however, she asked him, “Is your wound healing up properly? Did you see a doctor?”


As she expected, Ao Tian simply replied cooly, “It’s fine.” Seeing how his pale complexion was no worse for wear, and his attitude was cold as ever, Gu Yun chuckled as she shook her head; So long as there were no major changes, he was probably fine. She waved him away and said, “Well that’s fine, seeing how much of a rush you were in, there’s probably somewhere you need to be by now. Go on then, go settle your business.”

As Gu Yun turned to leave, Ao Tian’s hesitant voice came over her shoulder, in that low voice of his, “You… are you still staying at General Manor?”


“Yeah.” Gu Yun nodded. From her perspective, she had nothing to hide regarding this situation, and her answer came naturally. However, this reply irritated Ao Tian immensely, and his already pale complexion became even stonier; To think that they were merely having a lovers quarrel, and it was he who needlessly interfered!

Gu Yun could not understand the reason for Ao Tian’s frosty aura, but just as she was about to ask, he coldly turned around and walked off, without looking her in the eye. Gu Yun stood there awkwardly and forced herself to take deep breaths, suppressing her urge to unleash her rage.

Ao Tian suddenly stopped walking, and as in the past, called out to her without looking back.

“If you see me in the future, don’t chase me again.”


Ao Tian’s silhouette disappeared at the end of the road, leaving Gu Yun who still could not make heads or tails of his parting comment.

What on earth did he mean? Gu Yun simply could not understand why he always left her with this feeling that he was completely unfathomable. Was he upset with her for chasing him relentlessly tonight? She also couldn’t have done anything to offend him, so why did he look like a dog left out in the rain?  Su Ling’s mood swings were unpredictable, while Ao Tian was like a angsty teenager, what a confusing pair!


“AHHH!” A piercing scream suddenly cut through the night sky.

Gu Yun’s eyes immediately darkened as her chest tightened; Something terrible had just happened, her instincts could not be wrong!

English meanings of Mandarin terms

I’ve realised that sometimes when I read translated Japanese web novels, I don’t fully understand the meaning of the word i’ve read when certain phrases are left untranslated. This is often due to the translator being unable to find an equivalent English substitute that would fully convey the original meaning behind the written phrase/word.

Some examples would include names or culture-specific terms such as ‘Chi Xue’ or ‘Qing Gong’ respectively.

As such I will try to compile as many phrases/words that I feel should be left untranslated, with accompanying explanations to their meanings of course.

These can all be found in the page ‘English meanings of Mandarin terms‘, accessed through the menu bar on the right

If there are any terms that have not been included in this list, or any other terms that you would require additional explanations for, please don’t hesitate to leave your questions in the comments section of the terms page, or at the bottom of every post.


Mistaken Marriage chapter 21

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Mistaken Marriage chapter 21 part 2


A fierce pair of hawk’s eyes met the lone wolf’s cold gaze; Both were men of few words, and without saying anything more, tightened their grips on their weapons, scarlet Chi Xue in Su Ling’s hands, while Ao Tian held on firmly to the jet black Ci Ling. Though the two men stood unmoving, the mingling dual auras of frosty cold and fiery bloodlust spread to the extent that even Gan Jing, who stood far away in the treetops, felt his heart start to race.

As the sun finally rose into the sky, Gan Jing was able to clearly identify the mystery man and woman standing in the clearing as Qing Feng’s sister Qing Mo, and the Great General Su Ling!

Why did his reclusive senior have to antagonise this couple? Gan Jing could not understand the motivation behind his actions, but it was not the time and place to ponder this question. The battle between the two men was already beginning.

If even Gan Jing could feel the tension in the atmosphere from such a distance, needless to say, Gu Yun herself could feel the hostilities brewing between the two men. Honestly speaking, she had no intention of following Su Ling Back to the General Manor at this point in time, but she would not be able to bear it if Ao Tian got hurt on her behalf over this matter. Just as she was about to begin her explanation, Chi Xue had already flown out of it’s scabbard, heading straight towards Ao Tian.

Knowing full well the destructive power of Chi Xue, Gu Yun urgently called out “Watch out!”

Ao Tian merely squinted his eyes as the corners of his mouth turned up in a mocking smile. With a flourish, the black soft sword Ci Ling began to dance around Chi Xue, flowing with each and every one of Ao Tian’s actions, heading straight for Su Ling’s forearm. Su Ling’s arm muscles tightened reflexively, not exposing the surprise that he felt. What kind of weapon was this, that allowed its user to be unafraid of Chi Xue’s scalding heat?

Su Ling quickly infused Chi Xue with his inner energy and brandished his blade, causing flames to jump towards Ci Ling. Ao Tian felt the heat burn through his grip and quickly withdrew his sword, beating a hasty retreat.


As soon as that soft sword left Su Ling’s arm, taking advantage of that brief respite, he tightened his grip on Chi Xue and rushed his blade towards Ao Tian’s chest.

Gu Yun felt her heart skip a beat; if this attack was to land on Ao Tian’s body, even if he escaped death he would still suffer a serious injury! Ao Tian having leaped backwards was unable to change his position in mid-air, and could not possibly dodge this attack! There was no way she could allow the death of someone who came to assist her. Gu Yun made a split-second decision, drew Bing Lian out of it’s sheath, and rushed forward.


In an instant, the sound of clashing blades resounded through the forest ad Bing Lian met Chi Xue head on, saving Ao Tian from his predicament.


While Ao Tian escaped unscathed, Su Ling on the other hand felt his rage increase exponentially. How could she dare to help that man fight back against him! Damn it! Were the two of them somehow previously related? Or had they already planned to meet here from the start? Gu Yun’s sudden appearance, coupled with a biased viewpoint,  caused Su Ling’s hatred of Ao Tian to boil over uncontrollably, naturally making his attacks even fiercer than they already were.

Su Ling once more directed his attack towards Ao Tian. Gu Yun had originally intended to talk it out but lost her patience as the flaming Chi Xue flew towards her, she had no choice but to steel herself to receive this blade. Ice and fire clashed once more with the full force of Su Ling’s might behind this attack. Gu Yun felt a strong wave of pressure radiating towards her, and knelt down to gain a better foothold to fight back.

As he heard her grunting in pain as she mustered every ounce of her willpower to hold him back, Su Ling’s eyes lost their bloodlust and drew back his sword as he coldly stared at the woman who overexerted herself. What kind of relationship did she have with that man, that she would risk her life for him?


Ao Tian grabbed Gu Yun’s shoulder and lifted her into his arms, his deep black pupils searching for any trace of injury on her body. Satisfied that there was currently no threat to her well-being, only then was he able to release the burden in his heart. This was the first time he’d experienced this feeling of his chest tightening to the point of being unable to breathe; Looking at the way she defended him, he finally understood what it meant to feel panic and heartache!

Up to this point, Gu Yun still could not figure out what kind of unforgivable grudge existed between these two men. It practically seemed like Su Ling would not retreat without taking Ao Tian’s life! As her sword arm continued to tremble, Gu Yun said to Ao Tian “Quickly escape! His sword Chi Xue is unbelievably powerful!” Even if both of them held legendary weapons on par with each other, there still existed the undeniable gap in strength between men and women, Gu Yun was clearly unable to fully defend against Su Ling’s raging blade.

Ao Tian merely replied in a low voice “Don’t move from that spot”, and fearlessly walked towards his opponent.

Gu Yun felt her heart in her throat as she watched Ao Tian’s black clad figure heading towards his death. Su Ling was a man who believed that a good offence was the best defence. When Ao Tian was within 10 feet, Su Ling immediately launched an attack, yet Ao Tian suddenly halted his pace and nimbly dodged the blade. All of a sudden, his shadows seemed to multiply, as his lone figure suddenly became two, two became four, and in a moment Su Ling was completely surrounded by these shadow clones, each and everyone of them sporting a black outfit and silver hair, with a soft sword in hand. He had no idea which was Ao Tian, and which was merely an illusion


What a ghostly technique! How on earth did he manage it?

Gu Yun found herself speechless as she witnessed this unbelievable spectacle. Even Su Ling could not focus as he suddenly found himself facing ten people, and though he knew that they were simply illusions, it was hard for him to defend without knowing which was the real Ao Tian


Ao Tian took the opportunity to thrust his blade at Su Ling’s defenceless back

However, for one who had travelled alongside death for so many years, Su Ling’s instincts warned him of the impending danger and he quickly spun around to face Ao Tian. With the blade coming within inches of his body, Su Ling had no choice but to retreat while fending off the attack

In the moment where Su Ling was forced back, Gu Yun heard Ao Tian’s voice by her side telling her, “Go.” Gu Yun felt her waist being grabbed as her entire body was carried by Ao Tian as he raced toward the forest.

Watching the two silhouettes in the distance, there was no way that Su Ling would simply let things end like this and immediately gave chase. Upon entering the forest however, he almost lost sight of them several times due to the poor lighting, and it only served as a testament to Ao Tian’s skills that he was able to travel so swiftly even while carrying Gu Yun.

Just as Su Ling was about to catch up to them, he felt a wave of murderous intent as two flashes sped towards him. Having no choice but to evade, Su Ling watched as two wafer thin blades sunk into the ground right before him. Who could it be? Just exactly how many people were hidden in this mountain behind his manor?

Having been distracted by the darts, Su Ling had completely lost sight of Ao Tian and Gu Yun.

Damn it! He actually let them escape! “Qing Mo…”


Gan Jing plastered himself against the side of the tree and held his breath, not daring to let out a single sound. Even though he was standing at such a height, he could clearly feel the raging fury of the man standing below.

Gan Jing thought to himself: Senior! Su Ling is truly a man that we should not mess with!

Ao Tian displayed incredible speed such that stunned Gu Yun, and she could only come to the conclusion that he was using the fabled Qing Gong (light-bodied technique). As he held her by the waist, Gu Yun watched as the scenery sped past her in a blur, it was honestly enough to make one nauseous. Having run for about an hour, Gu Yun was unable to withstand this high speed movement any longer, and tugged on Ao Tian’s sleeve while speaking softly, “Let me down.”


Ao Tian stopped in front of a large tree and placed her down without saying anything else.


It was such a relief to feel solid ground beneath her feet. Leaning against a tree trunk, she felt something was off as she observed Ao Tian. In that last clash, she’d felt the searing heat even from the distance at which she stood, what more about him who had rushed towards the flames? Gu Yun could not let go of the unease she felt and urged him, “Show me your hand.”

“It’s just a small wound.” came his rejection. Ao Tian refused to turn around, obviously not intending to reveal the extent of his injuries.


Gu Yun snatched his hand impatiently and dragged him over. Ao Tian’s naturally pale face showed no signs of discomfort, except the beads of sweat that gathered on his forehead clearly showed pain he was suppressing with all his might.


Even in his injured state Ao Tian still tried to struggle out of her grasp. “Don’t move.” ordered Gu Yun. The warm feeling of her touch caused his concentration to lapse momentarily, and Gu Yun took this chance to quickly rip open his sleeve, exposing his injury.


His arm was solidly built, and the muscles were well defined, giving a more rugged appearance than she’d imagined he’d have. There was a 20cm long gash on his forearm which was not very deep. What was more troubling were the two massive fierce red blisters on either side of the wound which must have been caused by the blazing heat released by Chi Xue. The resulting surface area of the injury was large indeed. This kind of injury was the most troublesome that it was the most painful kind, and that it was easily infected.

Gu Yun sighed, “You have been severely wounded, it’s best you find a doctor to treat it as soon as possible.”

“No need.” Ao Tian replied nonchalantly as he drew out a small vial from a belt pouch. Biting open the cover, he poured two pills into his mouth and returned the vial to it’s original position with practised ease, as if such occurrences were nothing new to him.


Gu Yun had a feeling that he had no intention of properly treating his wound, and was simply going to wait for it to heal naturally.


Not only was he suffering from open wounds and burn injuries, if his wound was to really get infected in kind of place, that would indeed be disastrous. Unable to stand it any longer, she grabbed him and sat him down next to a tree, whereupon she realised that there was no suitable cloth available to bandage his wounds. Giving it some thought, she unfastened her long black hair tie which she deemed sufficient for the task at hand. With her hair tie released, her beautiful, silky waist length hair, cascaded behind her back like a glorious black waterfall.

Gu Yun gently raised Ao Tian’s arm, and used her silk hair-tie to bandage his arm. While she felt nothing out of the ordinary, Ao Tian on the other hand was frozen to the spot. As the wind blew, it carried with it stray strands of long hair that settled on his shoulders; It was a strange sensation that was both ticklish and numb. Seeing her gentle figure crouching by his side with her faced scrunched up in concentration, he reached out to the touch the hand on his arm, wishing to dispel her worries

Gu Yun at this moment had just finished the bandaging, and was about to warn him to take care of the wound, only to see Ao Tian’s hand hovering in mid air, and a pair of deep black eyes gazing at her calmly. Looking at his dazed state, Gu Yun quietly and curiously observed him back.

As his eyes met her questioning gaze, Ao Tian felt his heart begin to race uncontrollably, he had no idea what to say, and didn’t know where to place his hand. Without a word, he quickly got up, faced away from Gu Yun, and rushed off awkwardly.

“Huh? What’s wrong with this person?” Gu Yun could not fathom the meaning behind his actions.


Having travelled out quite some distance, just as she thought that his figure was about to disappear, Ao Tian suddenly came to a halt, yet still did not turn back. After a while, his icy calm voice which had finally settled down came from over his shoulder, “I won’t go back to that forest for a while now. You can find me about 3 miles out from the north gate, where no one stays there.”

After he finished speaking, Ao Tian continued to head in the direction he was facing, leaving Gu Yun to watch his lonely figure disappear amongst the tress.