Mistaken Marriage Chapter 21 Part 1

The break of dawn is the most beautiful scene to behold, yet at this moment Gu Yun’s heart was painted black, with not a trace of light to be seen

Su Ling’s gaze bore deeply into her, like a hunting falcon that had locked on to its prey. It seemed like he was ready to pounce on her at any moment, just waiting for to make a move, stifling her with his enormous presence. Gu Yun took a deep breath and calmed herself down; Fortune favours the bold, she would not lose here!

She tilted her head slightly, and glared at him coldly, saying in a low voice, “get out of my way.”

“I’ve said it before, you are forbidden from leaving the manor. ” Su Ling’s uncompromising tone carried with it a touch of foreboding, as he struggled to suppress his fury. It was not his intention either, to be constantly arguing with her, but those defiant eyes of hers and that ridiculously stubborn personality were really testing his patience!

Just like right now.

“Likewise, I have also told you that I am definitely leaving tonight!” Gu Yun’s icy voice resounded firmly.

“You’d best not interfere with this case involving Lou Xi Yan. It is none of your business, and neither is it within your capability to make it your business.” Su Ling’s way of speaking had always been naturally overbearing, and any advice given could only serve to make the other party even more annoyed.

As expected, his imperiousness turned Gu Yun’s expression completely dark, and she replied uncompromisingly, “The couple have already made their vows, Lou Xi Yan is my brother-in-law, his business is my business! Whether or not I am able to make it so, has absolutely nothing to do with you.”

Having had so many altercations between the two, Su Ling understood that neither party was capable of persuading the other. Forcing his way against that hard-headedness of hers would only end in misery. Su Ling sighed inwardly, and said in a low voice “As a minister of this country, Lou Xi Yan’s guilt can only be decided by the Emperor. If you wait patiently in General Manor, everything will be solved with time.”

Everything will be solved? Gu Yun’s mind raced as she thought over his words, said with such confidence, it couldn’t be that…

Gu Yun spoke towards Su Ling’s silhouette, having come to a conclusion, “You mean to say that this is all a ruse you and Yan Hong Tian came up with?”

Given her intelligence, Su Ling figured that she must have already realised the powers involved in this case. Neither confirming nor denying her allegations, he simply replied, “The workings of the imperial court are more complicated than you think, where simple actions can create a butterfly effect of sorts. If you rush in blindly to rescue Lou Xi Yan, besides failing to rescue him, you will have effectively drawn yourself into disaster and pulled your sister down alongside you.”

Was it really a ruse that they staged? Gu Yun laughed mirthlessly. Just because Yan Hong Tian was the emperor, the proverbial eternal ruler, he could at a whim manipulate his subjects like mere pawns? Furthermore, was it completely unavoidable to stage the arrest at Lou Xi Yan’s wedding? Even if he was aware of the plan, who could be more devastated than his bride who was kept in the dark?

Unbelievable! Qing had been dragged into their schemes the moment Lou Xi Yan was taken away from his own wedding. Even if they were to reveal their  plans to her now, what was the point?

Only rage and dissatisfaction could be seen in those large cat-like eyes of hers, yet Gu Yun said not a word, and remained silent. Su Ling was anxious to bring her back, and held onto her wrist as he walked off.

“Let’s go, we can talk more when we return.”

“That’s not possible.” She replied coldly. “The sun has already risen, I need to make my way to the Prime Minister Manor.” She’d already promised to find Qing the next day, regardless if it was really a ruse, or simply a lie told by Su Ling to hold her back, she definitely had to pay Qing a visit. She could not afford to simply disappear at a time like this, adding to Qing’s burdens to worry about both Lou Xi Yan and herself.

In reality, had Gu Yun clearly stated that she merely wished to keep Zhuo Qing company, Su Ling probably would have consented. Unfortunately, her nature was such that she disliked explaining herself.

Su Ling was another one who did not often find himself explaining his actions, and even after having gone to such lengths to enlighten her, she still insisted in wading into this mess! Su Ling completely loss control of the temper he was so desperately reigning in, and roared at her  “I forbid you from going! Come with me!”

Su Ling tightened his grip on her wrist and attempted to drag her along. Gu Yun naturally wasn’t one to give in so easily and was about to reach for her sword, but Su Ling had already anticipated her actions and quickly attacked her pressure points, causing her to go numb all over and becoming completely unable to move.

This bastard! How could she have forgotten to protect her pressure points!

With her body being unable to move as such, Gu Yun could only glare at him venomously. However not only did he seem not to notice her poisonous gaze, Su Ling appeared to be in relatively good spirits as he nonchalantly wrapped her arm around his neck and picked her up in a princess cradle. Looking at his smug expression, Gu Yun immediately raged at him “Su Ling you bastard! Let me go!”

To hear the piercing screams of a woman sounding out through the forest early in the morning was not an everyday occurrence. Gan Jing barely registered anything but the shaking of a branch, when a black shadow suddenly streaked past him. Momentarily stunned, he cried out in a low voice “Senior!” and attempted to block his way, but was unable to touch even a single strand of hair of his, and could only watch as the shadow flew towards the pair standing below.

Su Ling carrying Gu Yun was about to turn round and head back, when his well trained battle instincts suddenly felt a wave of danger approaching from behind. Holding on tightly to Gu Yun, he quickly dodged and looked back, only to see a black clad figure had already landed in the very spot he’d stood at just moments earlier.

The figure standing before him was tall and thin, yet Su Ling dared not underestimate this man. He merely stood there quietly, yet a chilling aura kept flowing towards him endlessly. Bathed in the light of the morning sun, his silver  hair was dazzlingly eye-catching, while his pale white skin perfectly complemented his cold dark irises. His presence was bone chilling, while his actions, though swift, were executed noiselessly.

It was him! He was the bounty hunter who rescued Qing Mo at the General Manor during that incident a while back. Su Ling observed him silently, guessing his motives for hiding in the mountains behind General Manor, at the same time trying to figure out his reason behind his sudden appearance.

Ao Tian? Gu Yun recognised him immediately. From her perspective, his presence here was nothing new, but why on earth did he suddenly decide to show himself?

“Let her go.” A low pitched voice without a trace of warmth rang out, causing Gu Yun and Su Ling to be taken aback.

Did he come for Qing Mo? Was he here to help her?

Each of them having reached their own conclusions, Gu Yun, being unable to grasp the complete picture, decided to quietly observe for now. Su Ling on the other hand, knowing that Gu Yun was the target here, put her down gently and released her pressure points, moving her to stand behind him.

Gu Yun was finally able to move, but the circulation in her hands and feet had not been completely restored yet, and her movements were still sluggish. She retreated a few steps, using Bing Lian to shield her body, performed her own warm ups. What she didn’t know was that both men were already preparing to fight for her sake.


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  1. Thank you for the chapter!! Nutty has been busying to battling the Monster and hasn’t been able to update this for a while. Thanks for picking it up (temporarily or permanently).


  2. Wow thank you. I’m waiting for weeks like a crazy for the next chapter of a generation of military counselor, and here you are. I almost give up to the Google translate, but you give me a hope now.


  3. Ah, there is only one phrase i can think of right now. “Haba ng hair ni Gu Yun.” Gurl, you are just so…. lucky? To have 2 gusy fight for you.
    Thanks for the chapter 😀


  4. Thank you for the chapter~

    Am I first? My first first, truly warms my heart.

    Ah ah Qing Mo, so jealous, two handsome men fighting over you… Nevertheless, she is completely clueless


  5. thanks a lot—!
    su ling, how dare you—! yeah, but it’s true! it should not be stubborn vs stubborn. he should have at least asked. -shakes head- and i suppose gu yun should have explained too…
    well, great, li aotian! ah, i ship her with li aotian! no one’s going to stop me—-!


  6. Thanks for the chapter~! Glad this will be translated again!

    Part of me hopes Gu Yun disappears while the two are fighting. I think it would be funny as hell if they are fighting and suddenly realize that the one they are fighting for is gone. XD


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